Spicing Up Sacramento


Why a spice shop?

Food is what it really comes down to. Every time my husband and I travel (which is almost never these days now that we have a daughter), we immediately search for a local dish that we like and try to replicate it in our own kitchen. Usually, there’s one ingredient or another that we can’t find anywhere. It wasn’t something that I grew up knowing I wanted to do, to open a spice shop. It happened at the right time and place for me. 

You’re filling a need?

Yeah, exactly. We claim to be such a food-centric town, yet we have no real central location to buy spices. People can go to Nugget or Safeway, or even the co-op, but for more specific ethnic ingredients, there wasn’t anything around.

Were you always an entrepreneur?

No. I never really had an idea that I was passionate enough about to be an entrepreneur until the Calling All Dreamers competition. The competition made an entrepreneur out of me. 

Is Sacramento a spicy city? 

I think we are. We have a lot of interesting ethnicities to pull from. That influences our culinary preferences. 

What are some spices you’re excited for people to try?

I’m really excited for people to try our North African blends. We have an Ethiopian berbere blend, a Moroccan harissa blend and dukkah, which is an Egyptian nut blend. African cuisine is starting to get more visibility. We’re excited to get the word out and have people get excited about new flavors. 

1125 11th St.; (916) 389-7828; allspicery.com