New Shop! East 40 Electric & Supply Co.


East 40 Electric & Supply Co. opened earlier this summer in East Sacramento, selling small-batch, handcrafted, slice-of- Americana products: things such as leather bike goods, soaps, light fixtures, classic kitchenware and Portland’s own version of the coffee press. Owned by married couple Mike Graffigna and Shawn King, the shop is an homage to East Sac’s Fabulous 40s, a community the couple believes is rooted in American craftsmanship. 

Made in America 

“It’s important to support Americans making art,” says King. “That’s how we got into this, understanding where things are from.” Which, says Graffigna, is from places much like East Sac. “There’s a lot of history in this community,” he says. “This part of town was built on craftsmanship and hard American work.” 

Demographically driven 

“We try to have a broad spectrum of what East Sac and the Fab 40s represent,” King says. To appeal to local cyclists, pet lovers and gourmands, East 40 sells Jacob Bromwell copper flasks ($210), dog leashes made of ombre-dyed rope ($55–$60), waxed-canvas aprons ($79) and leather beer six-pack bicycle carriers ($65). The Portland Press ($129) is a nifty French press coffeemaker, made of glass, wool, steel and wood, that’s compatible with a Mason or Kerr jar. 

Worth the wait 

Because the products are created by hand by artisans from all over the country, East 40’s owners often wait weeks for orders to arrive. “But we’re OK with it,” says Graffigna, “because we understand what it takes to make these products, the hard work and energy, and if we can only get so many, and it takes longer, then so be it. We’ll have fewer items but better quality, something that’s going to last.” 

870 57th St.; (916) 905-2776;