Lucy Brown: Deputy First Dog


In this era of hyperpartisanship, only one inhabitant of the California State Capitol had been immune to competition: Sutter Brown, Gov. Jerry Brown’s universally adored purebred Pembroke Welsh corgi. But not anymore. Meet Colusa “Lucy” Brown: California’s new Deputy First Dog. Adopted in May by the governor and his wife, Anne Gust Brown, Lucy—an adorable “borgi” (border collie-corgi mix)—joins Sutter in patrolling the halls of the Capitol and melting the hearts of staffers and legislators. 

The news was announced on the official Twitter account of Sutter, a social media star who consistently makes BuzzFeed’s annual “Most Important Corgis” list. “I’m still First Dog, right? #GetOffMyPeePad,” the Tweet read. Not to be outdone, Lucy’s own official Twitter account sent out a photo of the pair with the caption “When I grow up, I want to be First Dog!”

It didn’t take Lucy long to settle into her official role. “She can be found guarding the office and herding staff at the State Capitol,” her web bio states. While Sutter is still top dog, Lucy, with her floppy ear and stubby, fuzzy legs, is making some pretty big waves. No bones about it.