Life of the Party


Cater waiters, step aside: Cocktail Coquettes have officially stepped on to Sacramento’s  special-event service scene. Making their grand debut at the 2014 Crocker Ball, these commanding damsels wear Versailles-worthy hooped skirts that double as serving trays for champagne and other party fare.

Created by Natalee Pecorelli of Pecorelli Productions, the skirts were inspired by similar concepts used in Las Vegas. Pecorelli reinvented them to be more modern, flirty, economical and architectural. “As an event producer, I always want my events to have something interactive and theatrical,” says Pecorelli, a former ballet dancer who once owned a performing arts center in Boston. “So I thought, what don’t we have here that are in other big cities?”

After she devised improvements that allow for more options and optical delights, local engineer Eric Bardet created computer-aided design drawings for the laser cuts. Three and half feet tall and four feet wide, the tiered skirts can hold wine glasses, cupcakes, champagne flutes, dessert shots, candy cups and more. The skirts have an open design that shows a lot more leg. “Our girls—because they are flirts—wear stockings, a beautiful shoe and a garter belt,” says Pecorelli.

Each Coquette wears a costume designed by Theresa Kimbrough, the Sacramento Ballet’s wardrobe supervisor. Currently, there are 10 to choose from, and custom designed options are also available to highlight company logos, product launches, sports teams and special themes. 

Pecorelli personally styles and assembles each Coquette on-site. With every party the Cocktail Coquettes attend, Pecorelli says more ideas start bubbling up. “It will definitely branch out to other things,” she says. “This is just the beginning.” For more information, go to