Life In The Taco Lane


Food trucks are everywhere these days, but that wasn’t the case when George Azar first opened La Mex Taqueria Truck 17 years ago. A pioneer of Sacramento’s mobile food scene, Azar is delighted to see food-truck culture finally take root in the city. “It’s evolved quite a bit over the last few years, and I’ve evolved with it,” says Azar. In spite of that, he hasn’t strayed from his original Northgate Boulevard location except to do events. “This is our home base.”

Your family members have been in the food business a long time. Do you use family recipes in your cooking?

All my recipes are family recipes. My grandfather used to sell tacos in Mexico City. My father had a taco stand in South Sacramento and a butcher shop on Franklin Boulevard. So I’ve grown up around it.

Working in such a confined space, you must really have to like who you’re working with.

I joke that it can get to be like a telenovela up here because you’re so close to each other all the time.

Has it been gratifying to finally see food trucks get some respect?

It is gratifying. It’s come a long ways. I think people have always known that it was a good thing and have always enjoyed it. I think our officials are finally starting to realize that the people love it. Hey, you want the votes, you gotta do what the people want, right? 2630 Northgate Blvd., (916) 764-6745