The Perfect Balance


Joyce Hoshall is a master at getting things right the first time. Whether she’s designing a client’s project, picking a lot to build on, or deciding on a home to make over for herself and husband Bill, she rarely deliberates, waffles or second-guesses. It’s just not in her nature. What is in her nature is the ability to walk into a house, see what’s right, decide what’s wrong and start setting things straight. Her aim is true. “I can’t wait to dig in and see what I can turn a house into,” she says with sheer and honest delight. 

At last count, she’s built three homes from scratch and renovated more than a dozen personal residences in communities such as Clos du Lac, Gold River, Los Lagos, The Sea Ranch, Winchester Country Club and Yountville, to name a few. She and Bill have lived in, enjoyed and sold every one. “I’ve cherished them all,” she says. Her most recent labor of love is in Folsom, and it’s a stunner: 4,000 square feet of contemporary stylishness with a perfect balance of comfort, glamour and a little bit of luxury to top things off. It took her about two weeks to go from bare as a barn (the kitchen and bath basics were there) to move-in ready—a whirlwind time frame by anyone’s count. Bill’s take? “Oh, I love it,” he says. “I could stay here and enjoy it for the next 20 years. But she’s extremely creative, and when she’s done, she’s done.” And ready for whatever comes next. “When I get it just the way I want it, it’s time for someone else to enjoy it and I’m ready to move on to the next one,” Joyce says simply. And she will. You know she will.

Designer 411: Joyce Hoshall, Joyce Hoshall Interiors, Folsom. Her work has taken ASID awards in the historic restoration, showhouse, commercial and residential categories. 

This house: Just a short drive from the Hoshalls’ Folsom hair salon and spa, it has an open floor plan and 14-foot ceilings. “I bought this house because the bones were good, and I knew I could maximize the contemporary, European feel,” Joyce says. “I like European style. Europeans are not afraid to mix things up and get that delicate balance we’re all looking for.”

Design philosophy: “Mix it up. It’s wonderful to create design tension with juxtaposition of old and new, antique and modern, masculine and feminine. . . . You want that kind of balance that makes people say, ‘Ooh, I didn’t know you could put those things together.’” 

Dreamy dining room drapes: Open-weave linen with stair-step crystal finials. Wow. 

Rave worthy: Belgian linen on sofas, dining room chairs, the library desk chair and chaise lounge in the master bedroom.

Uniquely Hoshall: Glass dining table from venerable McGuire Furniture; oversize dining room and master bath mirrors; custom wall treatment in the powder room; neutral background colors punched with yellow, aqua, gray and silver. 

Rockin’ it: Stone planter for a dramatic Dracaena marginata; trunk of petrified wood by the fireplace sofa; stone orb on the library table.

On a scale: Furnishings and artwork stand out and stand up to the square footage.

If you have it, make it work: A new zinc paint finish updated the dining room buffet. 

“Bye-bye, boring beige”: Hello, Sherwin-Williams’ “Popular Gray” for the walls.

Artwork: Classic, colorful, whimsical, textural, sensual, unexpected.

Rescue me: The dining room painting was rolled up, cracking and flaking at an antiques store in Petaluma. Joyce had it stretched and restored. “I love to cherry-pick,” she says.

Contrast and balance: Opaque and sheer lamp shades, stone and wood tables, plush rugs on smooth French oak floors.

Glamour shot: The master bedroom, top to bottom.

Words to the wise: “I think the important thing . . .what I always want to do, is to achieve a balance of warmth and hospitality,” Joyce says. “That’s what I want everyone to feel the minute they walk through the door. You always want a room or a home to be beautiful, but you don’t want it so pure people won’t want to put their feet up and relax.”