Taking a Staycation

Life at home with habitual world travelers Jessica and Travis Wright
staycation living room home
“We like to keep furnishings minimal so it feels Zenlike,” says Jessica. “It’s nice to have a calm, serene space to recharge.”

Home to: Jessica and Travis Wright and their cats, Suki and Miko
Stats: 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, back office
Neighborhood: Curtis Park

Internationally known as @bontraveler, Jessica Wright has been used to a jam-packed life of jet-setting since starting her travel-and-style blog five years ago. But in March, when the pandemic sidelined the world, she and her husband, Travis, were forced to cancel their itineraries and hunker down in their Curtis Park home.

travis and jessica sitting
Photos of this eating nook are a favorite with @bontraveler followers. The Thonet-inspired original bentwood chairs took Jessica months to find.

“It all happened at the busiest season of travel for me, with over 10 trips canceled,” says Jessica. “So at first, it felt really shocking. But I found a lot of joy in the little details of each day—like learning how to cook a new dish, planting a small garden and reimagining our space.”

living room with cat

Being home for an extended amount of time was not something they were used to. (Jessica travels six to seven months of the year, and Travis, a software designer with an architectural design background, is on the road three months, typically.) However, it allowed them to really soak in the house’s special elements—ones they worked hard to preserve during renovation last year. (That’s why they affectionately call it The Mindful Maison.) “The goal was to add safe, modern and contemporary infrastructure but also keep its original charm,” says Travis.

dining table
Jessica and Travis both work from home, often at their dining table. The Satsuki Shibuya painting was a housewarming gift from Travis.

While Jessica and Travis wait for their travel life to safely resume, they’re dreaming big.

During shelter-in-place, Jessica and Travis focused on transforming their back patio into a cozy, modern outdoor oasis.

“We can’t wait to rebook our dream road trip through Puglia, Italy. Other trips on the top of my mind are to places we can road-trip to from Sacramento, like the southern coast of Oregon, Death Valley and Sierra National Forest,” Jessica says. “This time has made me realize just how diverse the landscapes of California are, and we are feeling very fortunate that they are within driving distance from home.”

kitchen home
Original cabinets, revived 1920s hinges and fresh plaster bring charm, while new open shelving (fabricated from 100-year-old reclaimed wood), recessed lighting and marble countertops add fitting freshness.