Sugar and Spice

Photography by Stephanie Russo
sugar and spice

Dreamy creams, gilded fixtures and luxe touches make this English cottage home a ladylike haven.

Home to: Elizabeth, Katheryn and Christen Hughes
Neighborhood: East Sacramento
Stats: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
Designer: Katrina Stumbos Interior Design

She has raised two accomplished daughters, runs her own CPR training business and hosts parties with the greatest of ease, but when it came to remodeling her home, Elizabeth Hughes enlisted the help of another queen bee: Katrina Stumbos.

“It was time to be more feminine,” says Hughes, “but I literally could not make one more decision.” Embracing the project right out of the gate, Stumbos found herself using pinks for the first time and cultivating a deep affinity for wallpaper. “My reputation is that I’m super contemporary and modern, but it’s not really true,” says Stumbos. “I just bring a clean-ness to everything. For this home, I wanted it to have this cottagelike, super-feminine feel to it, but I still wanted it clean and sleek.”

While chesterfield sofas, a Dutch door and detailed millwork underscore the house’s cottage style, lovely wallpapers, glass doorknobs and mosaic tiles give a womanly air to every room. Truly a home fit for three queens.

Master Bedroom
In the master bedroom, Stumbos used true whites, nonyellow creams and pinks to counterbalance the yellow tones in the wallpaper. The “forgiving” pattern allows Hughes to change up her bedding as she wishes.
Living Room
Hughes’ favorite part of her new living room: the oversized brass mirror from Anthropologie, which sets a beautiful backdrop for the gilded bar cart.
Master Bathroom
A marble floral mosaic floor and a whitewashed vanity gave this bathroom a major upgrade.
“We’ve seen subway tile a million times, but this is the type of home that we should be seeing it in,” says Stumbos.