Suddenly Spacious


Don’t you just love January? Especially those cold, gloomy mornings when you can roll over and steal another 30 minutes of shut-eye without feeling guilty? If your bedroom doesn’t invite this form of simple indulgence, it’s time to change your ways. Here’s inspiration. The before shots of Jennifer and Kyle Finley’s Carmichael home show a space-challenged bedroom that had some potential and a teeny bathroom that would make you want to walk in, turn right around and walk out. The Finleys needed big changes in their small space. Social media delivered an answer when interior designer Leyla Bowden Jaworski’s photos popped up on Jennifer’s Facebook feed. “I liked her style,” Jennifer says. “I know what I like. I just need help pulling it all together.” Boom. The match was made. Change happened. Nothing small.

Sitting Area

The house: Single-story, circa 1963. The Finleys have four children: 10-year-old twin girls and two sons, 5 and 2. Like a lot of parents, they remodeled the kids’ bedrooms and bath before they did their own.

Designer 411: Design Shop Interiors, Folsom. Leyla Bowden Jaworski, principal and head designer. Ashlee Berry, designer.

Master Bathroom

What was: A nondescript bedroom with mirrored closet and boxy, brown/beige bathroom. “When I first walked in, I thought their house was darling . . . really cute,” Jaworski says. “I could tell Jennifer had put a lot of effort into it.” But the bedroom and bath definitely needed attention. “Working with Jennifer and Kyle was a collaboration,” she says. “Everybody had a hand in it.”

What is: Contemporary, cozy, welcoming boho-style suite. “I love everything,” Jennifer says. “I love the feeling of walking into this room.”


Big change No. 1: Complete redo of cramped bathroom, using space from an adjacent linen closet to expand the shower.

Challenge: “It’s a tiny little bathroom so we wanted to give it as much personality as we could,” Jaworski says. They replaced the old, brown vanity, added a broad, shallow sink and installed smart-looking ogee-shaped tiles on the floor. The shower has a vertical stripe of tile that adds visual height. Chrome lighting, plumbing fixtures and hardware add sparkle and shine.

Big change No. 2—Rock-star dressing room: Jennifer and Kyle swiped space from a sunroom on the other side of one of the bedroom walls to create a dressing room with beaucoup storage and a special niche for doing hair and makeup. Some time after the bathroom remodel was complete, Jennifer called Jaworski and told her they were ready to tackle the bedroom. “I walked in and saw that they had taken half of their sunroom and just opened (the bedroom) up,” Jaworski says, “I was: ‘Oh, my gosh. It’s genius.’ . . . It had a wide opening, so I said, ‘Let’s do a barn door.’”

Walk in Closet

Glamour shots: Chandeliers in the bedroom and dressing room that glow and shimmy in the breeze.

Inspirations: Large, colorful art. The Finleys replaced a mirrored closet with French doors. “The pool is right outside, so I wanted the look to be very California, very Palm Springs,” Berry says.

Bedroom hues: White, black and gray with glimmery accents and eye-catching touches of coral, garnet, hot pink and midnight blue.

What’s underfoot: Textural, geometric rug to complement the drapes.

Creature comfort: Plush teal comforter with high snuggle quotient.

Plush Pillows

Splurge: The bed’s beaded Moroccan wedding-blanket pillow.

Out of sight: The Finleys tucked the TV away behind the entry door. “Genius,” Jaworski says.

Chic little corner: Tailored upholstered chair paired with snazzy table in metallic finish.

Style setting: Wainscoting on the wall behind the bed. Brilliant.

Takeaway: “When people let us do what we do, that’s when the magic happens,” Jaworski says. “Jennifer and Kyle are so cool to work with.”

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