Nest: Pretty Comfy

nest truckee kitchen pretty comfy
Rift-cut white oak cabinets with micro-Shaker fronts and a backsplash of matte white ceramic tiles give the space a classic feel, while black fixtures, cabinet hardware and appliances make a contemporary statement. Designer Alison Haltom says she finds herself “begging clients to step away from stainless appliances,” an easy choice here since “there are no other silver elements in the house.” Photo by Nicole Diane.

If there’s one thing a mountain vacation home ought to be, it’s cozy. So says interior designer Alison Haltom, who helped a newly blended family of six (including four teenagers) remodel their ski-centric property near Truckee.

My whole inspiration for this place was the Scandinavian concept of hygge,” which is all about soothing moments, comfortable surroundings and a sense of inner contentment, explains designer Alison Haltom. At this ski home in the Sierra, she took the Scandinavian theme further by designing around a tranquil color palette, natural wood and stonelike finishes, and snuggle-worthy textiles.

truckee comfy living room
A leather sofa and sheepskin side chairs, which Haltom says are “so incredibly cozy,” are “soft elements that contrast with the wood elements.” Photo by Nicole Dianne.
shuffle board table in truckee
Haltom reserved one corner of the living space for a shuffleboard table. “I loved imagining how the family might enjoy the space together in the evenings after being out in the snow all day.” Photo by Nicole Dianne.

“It’s very much a mountain home, but I didn’t want the design to be cliché. I mean, you might see bears out the window, but you don’t need to put 80 bears inside,” says Haltom. (For the record, there is one decorative bear standing sentry in the entryway.) “My vision was for something much more streamlined and contemporary.” Haltom also had to take into consideration that the owners are avid skiers, which meant choosing surfaces that could stand up to muddy boots and carving out relaxing spaces where the family could curl up together after a tiring day on the slopes.

dinning room in truckee
“Having a dining area with a big, beautiful table was important because I knew the family would spend a lot of time there,” says Haltom. The live-edge slab table is surrounded by sculptural dining chairs that add to the Scandinavian feel. On the walls, block prints made from the actual tree rings of species indigenous to the area are a nod to the home’s wooded surroundings. Photo by Nicole Dianne.

“We were very lucky that the house had great bones and was very well cared for by
the previous owners. Like all homes after a while, it needed a refresh, but the configuration
was fantastic,” says Haltom, who managed to retain the original home’s
easygoing feel. “I love that it now has clean lines and a bit of minimalism but still feels
like a cozy, rustic cabin.”

truckee entry room
The simple black and white geometric pattern on the stair tiles is repeated in the area rugs in the main living space. Photo by Nicole Dianne.