Modern Farmhouse in Davis

Designer Marin Wilson throws open the doors to the modern farmhouse she created for her family.
farmhouse design
“Everything was designed around the concept of the California room,” says Wilson. This indoor/outdoor space features large iron sliders and a screen, so that it can be fully opened up yet also enclosed.

It’s a major moment for many designers: designing your own home from the ground up. Except when Marin Wilson of Marin Design Co. dreamed up her growing family’s home in Davis more than four years ago, she was not a designer; she was a social worker. “It was very overwhelming for me,” she reveals. “I was pregnant, we were raising our teenage son, and we had taken the whole house down to one stud.”

kitchen design farmhouse

But as soon as they broke ground, Wilson started down an entirely new path. “The whole process prompted me to ask myself, What do I love? What passion do I have?” After completing her home, she enrolled in proper design courses that would propel her into a new career.

farmhouse design sitting room
“I moved a lot as a kid, so art was always a constant for me,” Wilson says. “I make sure everything on our walls and shelves is meaningful.”

Today, she’s juggling multiple Sacramento-area clients at a time and, of course, enjoying the comforts of her own designs. The family’s California room, with its indoor/outdoor living, has been a huge highlight for the family, which includes husband Marcus, three sons (Daniel, Declan and Nash) and three dogs. “It is a beautiful, functional space for us,” says Wilson. “Any time there is nice weather, we open the doors, let the fresh air in and let the kids play.” It’s also where she drinks coffee in the morning and daydreams about what additional work she wants to do to the house. “I never stop. My husband gets so annoyed with me. Doing it for other people is a lot easier.”

farmhouse design sitting room
“I love that my kids get to live in a house that was so thoughtfully designed for them,” says Wilson. “Their rooms are small, but they have a large living space to enjoy.”
farmhouse dining room
Dining room cabinets house dishes, entertaining wares and antique pieces passed down from grandparents.
farmhouse bathroom
The “bird bath,” as Wilson calls this bathroom, adds a “special little pop” to the house.