Home & Garden: South Land Park Remodel


An art-driven remodel dishes up a cool side of function.

The zingy brightness of Popsicle orange may not be your cup of tea. But it definitely is Ron Popp’s. “I just love it,” says the artist and South Land Park resident about the appearance of the tangy hue in his revamped 800-square-foot home. “We actually took the color from the cushions on his (Bertoia) dinette chairs,” says Ron’s son, Curtis Popp of Sacramento’s Popp Interior Architecture, the creative force behind the renovation of the duplex that’s been in the Popp family since the 1950s. Was it fun to have an artist, someone who wasn’t afraid of color, as a client? It was a joy, Curtis says. “He was ready to roll with everything. When a client says, ‘Give me something special, something I’ve never seen before,’ and ‘Here are my parameters in terms of function,’ it’s the best thing in the world. He was on board from day one.”

Favorites that fit
When it came time for Ron Popp to move in, instead of hauling everything from a storage unit into the new space, father and son sorted through the cache for favorite pieces. The editing process took three days and yielded handmade rugs and pillows, paintings, glassware, ceramics, furniture, lighting—everything Popp wanted and needed. One prized rug lays down a panoply of color and pattern on the living room floor; others define the kitchen and dining spaces. An oil painting by Maija Peeples-Bright enlivens a back wall, while several of the homeowner’s original works add punch to the hallway and bedrooms.

“This place is just for him and his furniture and his art,” Curtis says about the renovation. “It’s pared down and simple.” What more could you ask for? How about no division between the living room and kitchen, an ADA-compliant bathroom and all the workings for the music, TV and movie systems stashed away in a living room closet. The project took three months and was neatly accomplished on a budget of about $45,000.