Hanging with Friends

Photos by Corri Chadwick; Portraits by Create + Gather
Corri Chadwick

Influencer Corri Chadwick charms up her walls with her favorite brands on Instagram.

Influencer marketing can be a tricky thing, for both the influencer and the people to whom brands are marketing. Is it a genuine endorsement? Or just a forced product placement? For Corri Chadwick, it’s very much the former—just take a look at her house. It’s filled with brands that she’s coveted, vetted and ultimately collaborated with through her Instagram presence, @littlenectar. With just about 8,000 followers, Chadwick gives her social media friends frequent glimpses into her family’s Oak Park home, which she shares with her husband, two kids and some of the hippest homeware lines around (along with a Target dollar-bin treasure or two). “I love to share a good deal. I love to share something I love. That’s the best thing I get out of these collaborations,” says Chadwick.

1. Corri Chadwick, @littlenectar (featured photo)

Photo Prints Brands

2. Interchangeable photo prints by @artifactuprising—“It’s a great creative outlet—and almost like Tetris when you change them up and try to give it all a cohesive flow. I think of it as my Instagram feed in nine squares that I call decoration.”

Wall Paper

3. Master wallpaper by @miltonandking—Last year, Chadwick made a statement in her master bedroom with this Dandelions wallpaper in the “Summer Nights” colorway. “I get over things pretty quickly,” she admits. “But still to this day, it makes me happy every time I walk into my room.”

Sacramento Map

4. Sacramento map poster by @grafomap—You can select the color, scale and scope of the area you want displayed in your map. Chadwick also likes using @framedandmatted for custom framing.

Butcher Paper Roll

5. Butcher paper roller by @georgeandwilly—The smallest version of this Studio Roller is mounted at the entry of the kitchen, serving as a playful and personalized focal point.


6. Silhouettes by @shadowarchitect—These silhouettes are of Chadwick’s daughter, Brett (6), and son, Levi (4).

Letterboard by @letterfolk—“I usually change it every month,” says Chadwick. “I like doing something seasonal or using really funny parent quotes. It reminds me to not take things so seriously.”