Feather Thy Nest


Home to: Tamara Diederichs, five dogs, two parrots, five goats, two mini donkeys and chickens

Neighborhood: Sierra Foothills Estates in Auburn

Design Team: Laura Neuman of PepperJack Interiors

They say birds of a feather flock together. Which is exactly why Tamara Diederichs called on Laura Neuman of PepperJack Interiors to design her new house from the ground up. “I like a lot of color and am not afraid to go bold,” says Diederichs, who is the CFO of a real estate investment company. “I knew she wasn’t going to be conservative in that respect. She even encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone at some times.” (See the custom ceramic hexagonal tile in the sunroom.) Diederichs and Neuman also share a love for birds, which made integrating—and accenting—Diederichs’ collection of ornithological ceramics and artwork especially effortless. A not-so-easy feat? Designing a space for Diederichs’ two parrots to live that would not only look good but would also contain the noise. To do so, Neuman created a custom ceiling-suspended drape treatment to cover the cages. “As a designer and decorator, I’m especially proud of that feat,” says Neuman. Diederichs was also flutterly elated, confessing, “There’s not one thing in that house that I regret—not one.”

A custom chandelier in the pantry features hanging spoons.

Laundry Room
The grout in the laundry room was selected to match the color of the dirt on the 20-acre property.

Master Bathroom
At Diederichs’ request, the tub in her master bathroom is filled from the ceiling, so you “can sit in it completely free from any encumbrances.”

Wall Art
In addition to the art, bird motifs can be spotted throughout the house on wallpaper, pillows and even shower curtains.

Sitting Room
Suspended drapery wraps around the birdcages to contain the noise.