Basking in Style


Meghan Phillips and her family live without central heat—but her home is as cozy as it gets. It’s thanks in large part to the welcoming style of the living room, which was recently reimagined by Design Shop Interiors. The other reason is less apparent yet equally important: the incredibly efficient adobe architecture.

Throughout virtually every square inch of the home, radiant heat is delivered from the ground up via hot-water pipes underneath the floor. Meanwhile, the adobe’s significant thermal mass creates a resistance to temperature fluctuation. Translation: It’s consistently comfortable—no unsightly vents, no blowing air and no thermostats to adjust on the daily.

living room

Meghan Phillips’ favorite part of this room is the Tina Turner print. “Right away, it tells you, ‘Let your hair down, relax, have fun,’” she says.

Design Shop Interiors embraced the adobe aesthetic, playing up its California feel with eclectic textiles, organic elements and bohemian accents. But for Meghan, who is the owner of the creative firm Honey Agency, it’s the iconic print of Tina Turner that really ignites the space. “She is the ultimate lady boss,” she says. “I love music and dancing, and it’s just fun. It makes the right statement for this room and our house.”

coffee table

The curated collection of coffee table books is mostly California-themed and—an intentional bonus—adds a feminine pop of pink to the room.

bar cart

The bar cart is anchored by bougainvillea art—a colorful ode to Southern California.
Wall color: Kelly Moore Whitest White