A New Spin

A revolving bar gets another whirl nearly 70 years after it was built
a new spin bar

“No up-to-the-minute host and hostess will be without this fascinating, functional, all-purpose bar…it will immediately become the center of social life in your home.”

new spin bar

So reads the original sales catalog for Revolvodor, builder of custom revolving bars (and wardrobes!). In September of 1950, homebuilder and real estate agent George Reed had one installed in his “rumpus room” — located in the back house of his family’s East Sacramento ranch-style home — where his five children often used it as a soda fountain. Now it’s the Fosters’ turn with the revolving bar: Last summer, they bought the home, polished up the plate mirrors, formica top and leatherette barstools and put the fixture back into action. While the Foster kids — Harlan (8) and Graeme (5) — love to put on puppet shows from behind the well, artist Marc and his wife Ingrid enjoy stepping in to shake, stir and pour era-appropriate cocktails for friends and family.


Recently, they hosted nearly 100 guests for a ’50s-inspired soiree centered around the bar, complete with vintage glassware, throwback cocktail attire and Sac’s “Rat Pack” of creatives. And after the last martinis and cocktail weenies were consumed, they tucked the bar back into the wall — just like that.


glassware bar