Have An Offal Day 4!


There’s more to animals than ribs and steaks. Plenty of people from all cultures use the complete animal – nose to tail. Offal is the term for all those “other” parts: organs, feet, tongues, ears, skin, etc.

Join us as some of the best chefs in Sacramento prepare offal dishes which will surprise and delight you. Each will prepare a dish and their choices are varied. Last year’s dishes included lamb brain samosas, pickled gizzards, deep fried duck tongues and testicles, sweetbreads, and more. Will you be daring enough to try them all?

Our lineup of chefs:

  • Adam Hinojosa (The Patriot)
  • Brenda Ruiz (Biba)
  • Chris Barnum (Localis)
  • Brad Cecchi (Canon)
  • Patricio Wise (Nixtaco)
  • Cesar Cienfuegos- (UC Davis Dining Commons)
  • Andrea Reiter (Hunt & Gather)
  • Jonathan Kerksieck (Selland’s ‘OBO)
  • Edward Martinez (Lazy Bear and soon to come Milk Money)
  • Brock MacDonald (Beast & Bounty)

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op Classroom 
2820 R Street 
Sacramento, CA 95811

Sunday, August 13, 2017 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (PDT)

Tickets: https://offal4.eventbrite.com