Hair on Wheels


LE BLANC MOBILE SALON is ready to roll. The cargo trailer tricked out into a full-service luxury salon is now available for bookings.

“I always loved doing hair and makeup,” says owner Janett Thompson. “I used to work at Glamour Shots, but got a degree in criminal justice. I recently went back to beauty school knowing this is what I wanted to do. I’ve had the idea for four years.”

The enduring vision of styling hair and makeup on location for wedding parties, prom parties, princess parties, fashion shows, movie shoots, office parties—even people’s homes—sparked Thompson into action. After long hours of research, two years ago she began working on the $75,000 build-out of the trailer. “It was a DIY project,” says Thompson. “My dad did some of the work and I had a carpenter, but I painted the mirrors and tufted the walls.”

Inside, customers find a bright, air-conditioned salon with chandeliers, three mirrored stations, a full-body European massage chair, a wash area and tufted lounge. Peek around the back curtains to find a private dressing area and small bathroom (with shower), all in simple, natural tones. “I plan to serve wine and beverages, too,” says Thompson.

She and other licensed cosmetologists offer everything from cut and color to highlights and lash extensions. She expects to concentrate on styling hair—updos—and doing makeup for groups at special events. “This would be nice for outdoor (events),” says Thompson. “The wedding party at a vineyard or barn can hang out inside and not worry about makeup melting off.”