Go Fish


Fishing free for all 

Don’t have a fishing license? Drop a line, legally, during the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Free Fishing Days, July 4 and Sept. 5. 

Trout of this world 

The Sacramento River from Red Bluff north to Redding has one of the best trout fishing opportunities in the west and fishes well all year long. 

Learn to fly 

Want to get hooked on fly-fishing? Fly Fishing Specialties offers classes, clinics and guided trips for anglers of all levels. 6360 Tupelo Drive, Citrus Heights; (916) 772-1055; flyfishingspecialties.com 

Summer catch 

This season, expect to catch shad when fishing the American River. “It’s a sort of overgrown herring and averages 1 to 4 pounds,” says Morgan Thalken, an associate at Fly Fishing Specialties. “Also, we will have a run of striped bass, which, on average, are 5 to 10 pounds.” 


At the Nimbus Fish Hatchery, learn about the salmon cycle, hit the trails for great river views and wildlife watching, and laze around beneath the shade canopies near the giant salmon play structure.