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BACKGROUNDER: Gretchen and Alan Steinberg are modern-design enthusiasts who share a passion for their home’s open spaces, walls and floors of rock and wood, and windows—lots of windows. Gretchen has a degree in design (and another in psychology), a flair for bold color, and a passion for biomorphic and geometric forms—especially in lamps and furnishings. She’s a co-founder and powerhouse behind SacMod, the nonprofit, volunteer group “dedicated to preserving, protecting and promoting Sacramento’s modern art.” The group organized the city’s first Mid-Century Modern Home Tour in 2010 and will hold its upcoming tour on May 18. Alan is an attorney whose design preferences run toward straight edges and clean lines and is particularly drawn to collections of robots, vintage metal lunchboxes and posters of atomic-age monsters—Godzilla, Mothra et al. The Steinbergs both love art, particularly pieces with a “comic” side. (See, especially, the ray gun assemblage piece in the entry hall. “We just had to have it,” Gretchen explains.)



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