Free Tours at Your Local Fire Stations


I’ve always admired firemen. Running through burning buildings to rescue people. Wearing 45 pounds of clothes and gear while being in the middle of a blazing fire. I’ve also always wanted to slide down the fireman’s pole. While I have yet to live that dream, I was able to tour a fire station this past Saturday. Every Saturday from August to the end of October, the Sacramento Fire Department will be offering free station tours from 2 to 4 p.m. Not only will you have a chance to talk to the firemen and get to know the heroes who serve in your area, but you can walk around their headquarters, climb aboard an engine or truck and learn about fire safety.


Each location has a different tour date. For more information, call (916) 808-1011.


Aug.   5     Station 17     1311 Bell Ave.

Aug.  12    Station 30     1901 Club Center Dr.

Aug.  19    Station 43     4201 El Centro Rd.

Aug.  26    Station 13     1100 43rd Ave.

Sept. 9      Station 18     746 North Market Blvd.

Sept. 16    Station 19     1700 Challenge Way

Sept. 23    Station 56     3720 47th Ave.

Sept. 30    Station 57     7927 East Parkway

Oct.   7      Station 15     1591 Newborough Dr.

Oct.  14     Station 60     3301 Julliard Dr.

Oct.  21     Station 20     2512 Rio Linda Blvd.