For These Cupcakes, Sweet is Out and Savory is In


Move over, chocolate and vanilla. How about a meatloaf, lasagna or chicken-and-waffles cupcake? Savory cupcakes are one of 2011’s top food trends, according to Here’s how one local bakery does it.

Stud Muffin
TreyBcakes (1801 L St., Sacramento)
Pastry chef Jenni Brewster first started making meatloaf muffins for her powerlifter pals at the gym, who “went nuts over them,” she says. At TreyBcakes, she wraps the meatloaf cupcake in puff pastry, tops it with Parmesan mashed potatoes and bacon crumbles and serves it with a green salad ($6.25). The ground beef is studded with carrots, celery and onion, but that’s not why they call it Stud Muffin, says Brewster. “At the gym, we were calling it Meatcake, but Trey [Luzzi, the owner] said it was probably not the best name,” quips Brewster.