Food Truck, Deconstructed


Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen food truck is indeed hot stuff. Painted bright orange with flames flying, the 27-foot-long truck is a “full commercial kitchen on wheels,” says Andrew “Drewski” Blaskovich, the proud papa of this beaut of a mobile baby. The retrofitted 1988 GMC catering truck set the local chef/entrepreneur back some $50,000, he says, plus even more cash to bring it up to date. But Blaskovich takes it in stride. “Oh well,” he shrugs. Stepping into the neatly outfitted rig, Blaskovich points out a couple of items for show and tell.

New oven with stove and griddle. “Right now we’re roasting 100 pounds of pork in there,” beams Blaskovich, pointing to the oven. On cue, Juan Ramirez, one of three workers hustling onboard the truck during the busy lunch hour, opens the oven door to take a peek.

Deep fryer. “We use that for our Rosemary-Garlic Tater-Tots and Deep Fried Mac & Cheese Balls,” says Blaskovich. (Comfort foods are big on this truck.)

An upgraded stainless steel sink. (Blaskovich added a third compartment.)

Tri-level shelving. Spotted on the shelves: An orderly row of herbs and spices, more than a dozen loaves of bread, Nutella (for the “S’moreski”). Blaskovich buys local produce and bread and makes many items from scratch, he says, such as the kimchi used on his Korean braised beef sandwich.

One thing that’s missing? Air conditioning. “It gets hot in here,” he admits. Nearby, worker Stevie Scoles nods in agreement. “It’s a great weight-loss program,” she jokes. “Sweat it off.” A/C is definitely one thing he’d buy if he got a cash windfall, says Blaskovich. But there’s also something else he’d want. “Another truck,” he says with a little smile. “Definitely a second truck.”