You’re the Reviewer: Mochii Yogurt


“Mochi is actually the powder made from a type of glutinous rice.”

I nodded, a smile of enlightenment on my face. I had been under the impression, mainly from Trader Joe’s, that mochi was ice cream wrapped in rice flour pastry.

I had meandered into Mochii, a frozen yogurt stand at the corner of 16th and Q, after passing it more than a dozen times in the past year or so. Its bright-pink exterior and the effervescent look on its patrons’ faces as they chatted outside always perked my curiosity.

Inside, Mochii is contemporary, relaxed and pink. Very pink. Luckily, the pink and purple hues are balanced with browns and good lighting, creating a very pleasing atmosphere.

Mochii’s primary ware, however, isn’t mochi but fat-free frozen yogurt. Flavors are perfectly muted. Instead of having your mouth slathered with CHOCOLATE or VANILLA, it’s teased and tingled with distinctive tastes of strawberry, mango and a flavor called “zang,” which is intensely citric without being too sour.

For toppings. I went with fresh blueberries, chopped strawberries and granola. Portions are huge. If you aren’t in a frozen-yogurt mood, there’s a small selection of bright, jellylike mochi candy. Light and airy, they are sugary little clouds that seem to evaporate on your tongue, leaving only memories of their sweet flavors. 

1530 16th St., Sacramento; (916) 441-2601;