You’re The Reviewer: Curry Club Indian Bistro


On the theory that everyone’s a critic, we asked you, our readers, to try your hand at writing a restaurant review. Reader Maryanne Beckford responded with this review of Curry Club Indian Bistro in Folsom.

As a Bay Area expatriate, I’ve long craved the lamb pasanda that only the chefs at Gaylord India Restaurant in San Francisco seemed to prepare just right. But guess what: One of those chefs started Curry Club, a name that is really a misnomer, because the restaurant offers so much more than curry, starting with the freshest, plumpest naan and onion kulcha imaginable.

The $9 luncheon buffet is a bargain, offering a large selection of delectable fare in steaming copper pots. Don’t miss the tandoori chicken, shahi paneer (spinach) or aloo gobi (cauliflower, potatoes and tomatoes in a spicy ginger garlic sauce). You’re more than welcome to go back for heaping seconds.

When we took friends there for dinner—both of them connoisseurs of Indian food in Los Angeles—their satisfaction with the hare masale ki macchi (grilled fish marinated in housemade yogurt, ginger, mild green chilies, lemon and spices) was palpable. “The best we’ve had since we left L.A.,” they proclaimed.

For vegetarians, there is a range of dishes, from a vegetable sizzler with paneer tikka to vegetable korma (a thick curry) and a mixed vegetable pakora (vegetable fritters dipped in masala butter and flash-fried).

I can’t comment on the dessert, because every time I’ve eaten there I’ve been too full to even think about it. My husband tried the kheer (rice pudding) and found it too sweet, but most things are too sweet for him, anyway—except me.  

196 Blue Ravine Road, Folsom; (916) 353-0855;

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