Wine and Plants: A Great Combo


It’s August in Sacramento, and we’re all feeling the heatTemperatures have been hovering at or above 100 degrees for weeksIn addition, we’re all experiencing COVID-19 fatigue and now there are more than a few fires burning all around usAsh is falling from the sky. We need a breakWe need some relief.

One local winery, Casino Mine Ranch in Amador County, has come up with a diversionThey are partnering with Propagate Sacramento with a virtual event that combines two things that have anxiety-easing effects: wine and plants! Participants can order a Sip Kit onlinand then hop on Zoom on Aug. 27 to learn to build a terrariumThe Sip Kit includes a bottle of Casino Mine Ranch Rose, a glass terrarium, plants, moss and rocks for $60The kits will be available for pick up at Propagate Sacramento in midtown, which is a plant shop that offers plant design services, event plant rentals and a plant clubDuring the demonstration, viewers can ask questions about the project and general houseplant care.

Casino Mine Ranch, the winery hosting this event, was originally established as a mine in 1936 by Simone Vanophem Shaw who named the place Casino Mine Ranch, because it was “a gamble” that there would be any gold found on the propertyWhile no gold was found at the ranch, Simone loved to entertain lavishly and wine was always on the tableFast forward to today, and you’ll find a winery that relies on history in the region for inspiration, and that celebrates wine as a way of life, not just an occasional beverage. They offer tastings by appointment, a wine club and an ever-changing calendar of virtual events.

For more information about the businesses listed above, or to sign up for the event, please visit Casino Mine Ranch or its purchase page for a Sip Kit or Propagate.