What They’re Drinking in Granite Bay


Several months after Marcus Graziano opened his doors at Capitol Cellars, a combination wine shop and wine bar in Granite Bay’s Quarry Ponds shopping center, we wondered: What are folks in the tony suburb drinking? “They really have been so open to trying a lot
more . . . I don’t want to say higher-end wines, but they are,” says Graziano. “We’re able to pour lots of $100 bottles of wine at the wine bar, and they go very, very fast. They don’t seem to be resistant at all to the price range of these wines.” Graziano is tight-lipped about which specific wines have been the most popular, but he did give us a profile of wines that are getting lots of attention from regulars: “The very small-produced Cabernets that are very rich but have a very elegant finish to them—that’s been something that [customers] have really, really enjoyed.”