Valentine’s Day Inspiration: About a Bite Bakery


I was enthralled this week with a gift of delicious mini-sweets, all crafted at About a Bite bakery, located in Gold River. Owner Jennifer Kaye creates treats that are perfectly bite-sized (thus the bakery’s name), in order to offer her customers more variety and “flavor profiles” to enjoy. All her products are beautifully packaged, and are perfect for a special Valentine’s Day gift. Kaye’s sweets—which range from “bites,” a cross between a crunchy cookie and couverture chocolate; to her mini-bars (don’t miss the exquisite almond-raspberry bars) and cookies—are made by hand in small batches, and are sold online and directly out of her bakery. You can also find a selection of her 4-Bite gift boxes and individual “bites” at Downtown & Vine on K Street.