Tori’s Place

tori's place pork chops combo plate
Pork chops combo plate. Photo by Aniko Kiezel.

Catherine Enfield knows a thing or two about good eats, so when the creative force behind SactoMoFo, the Sacramento Food Film Festival and Have an Offal Day recently raved online about the smothered pork chops at Tori’s Place, we took notice.

“All the stuff at Tori’s Place is great, but I have just become an addict when it comes to their pork chops,” says Enfield. “It’s two large, thin-cut pork chops that are seasoned and fried to order. The gravy has so many components, you can tell they’ve taken the time to build up the flavors in it. I love pairing it with the collard greens, which are the best I’ve had anywhere. And the hot-water cornbread is just awesome—when you pick it up you can see the butter coming out of it. Add all these things together and it makes the most terrific plate of food.”

Victoria Haggins, who opened Tori’s Place in Del Paso Heights in 2012, says the dish is a customer favorite. “People just love the mushroom gravy,” which Haggins enriches with onion, red and green bell peppers, and a few key seasonings that “I have to keep secret.”

The pork chops, like all of the entrées, come with a choice of pinto beans, black-eyed peas, rice, dressing, mac and cheese, string beans or those famous collard greens. “I want people to have a full, healthy meal, so I offer lots of sides,” says Haggins. But be forewarned: It’s a lot of food. “My motto is, ‘If I didn’t put you to sleep, I didn’t do my job.’”

Tori’s Place

1525 Grand Ave.
(916) 646-6038