Top Chefs, Pastry Division


Elaine Baker

Grange Restaurant & Bar, Sacramento
Résumé highlights: Culinary Institute of America grad; worked for renowned wedding cake designer Condra Easley
Her style: Comforting yet cutting edge. “Her desserts evoke childhood memories at times but show the sophistication and refinement that your mother did not have when serving you dessert when you were a child,” says Grange exec chef Michael Tuohy.
Signature dessert: Valrhona Chocolate & Caramel Decadence cake with peanut butter anglaise, caramelized peanuts and Maldon sea salt.

Photo by Roy WilcoxEdward Martinez

Hawks Restaurant, Granite Bay
Résumé highlights: Stints at Napa Valley’s acclaimed Bistro Jeanty and wedding-cake company Perfect Endings (whose cupcakes were listed among Oprah’s “favorite things”)
His style: The savory factor. “Whether he knows it or not, I think that’s become his style,” says co-owner/executive
chef Molly Hawks. Example: peanut brittle laced with chipotle powder.
Another twist: Says Hawks: “He’s a big guy, such a guy’s guy, and to see him come up with all these cute little cookies and delicate desserts . . . I love that juxtaposition.”


Jill Berger

The Firehouse Restaurant, Old Sacramento
Résumé highlights: Last stop: Fairmont hotel in Newport Beach
Her style: The unexpected touch. “Some people make perfect mousses and their chocolate work is impeccable, but they don’t have that spark of ingenuity,” says Firehouse executive chef Deneb Williams. “Her desserts are a wonderful amalgamation of comfort desserts with an added texture or interesting flavor.” Example: raspberry cheesecake with a lemon verbena tarragon fruit compote.
Why Williams hired her: Energy and creativity. Says Williams: “When she interviewed for the job, I could tell she
was really driven and passionate about her career.”


Edie Stewart

The Waterboy, Sacramento
Résumé highlights: “She’s learned pretty much on the job, which I personally believe is some of the best training you can get,” says Waterboy chef/owner Rick Mahan, who inherited Stewart 14 years ago and has held on tight. (Stewart worked at Americo’s, The Waterboy’s predecessor at 2000 Capitol Ave.)
Her style: Homespun and heartfelt. “Edie has a very sensible nature, and so do her desserts,” says Mahan. “We like simple things that taste good, and that’s the easiest way I can explain it.”
Signature dessert: Apple crostada