Toast of the Town


What’s the best thing since sliced bread? It might just be brick toast, the over-the-top dessert that starts off looking like breakfast but is anything but. Pillowy milk bread—hollowed into a cubed bowl, sliced into extra-thick slabs or carved into sturdy blocks—is toasted to golden perfection, then topped with endless combinations of ice cream, fruit, whipped cream, glazes, chocolate, you name it.

Brick toast was first popularized in Japan, but it’s the Taiwanese version that reigns at boba and dessert shops across the Sacramento area.

“We start with a really good-quality Taiwanese milk bread, then we brush it with our special butter and put it into the oven to get a nice crispy, crunchy taste,” explains Darren Ly, manager at SnoBites, a brick toast mecca in Elk Grove. Hot from the oven, the toast is crowned with a scoop of Gunther’s ice cream and a decadent array of toppings.

“We make everything fresh to order and using the best ingredients we can find,” says Ly. “The bricks are meant to be shared with two or three people. We have a lot of people come in to have birthday parties here because they are so fun to eat.”

Customers at SnoBites can invent their own brick toast combo or go with a creation from the menu, such as the Green Machine (green tea and vanilla ice creams, green tea macarons, condensed milk and mini mochis) or Chocolate Fever (vanilla and chocolate ice creams, M&Ms, chocolate chips, Oreo cookies, wafer cookies, mini mochis and chocolate glaze). Either way, you’ll never look at toast the same way again.