The Shirley Temple Grows Up

The grange restaurant shirley temple
Photo courtesy of the Grange Restaurant & Bar

Remember drinking Shirley Temples as a kid? For many of us, it was the quaff of choice whenever we went out to dinner with our parents: a fancy sparkling concoction of ginger ale, grenadine and a maraschino cherry. A grownup version of that kiddie cocktail called the Dirty Shirley is now being touted as “the drink of the summer.” Made dirty with the addition of vodka, it’s popping up on bar menus all over the country. Sacramento’s own Grange Restaurant & Bar has its own take on the drink called Shirley Gets Dressed Up, which skips the vodka in favor of Schramsberg sparkling rosé, St. Germain elderflower liqueur and house-made grenadine. The color is a sophisticated, muted red—a big improvement over the bright pink of the original. It comes with maraschino cherries, so you can still get that sweet pop of flavor you remember from your youth.