The Bistro is Back, Baby!

the bistro is back at taste 33 on the go food truck
Photo by Rachel Valley

33rd Street Bistro, the once-iconic, now-defunct East Sac restaurant fondly remembered for its Pacific Northwest-influenced fare, has been resurrected as BISTRO 33 ON THE GO, a food truck serving a whittled-down menu of the restaurant’s most popular offerings. The menu features three OG sandwiches: the Rainier (smoked chicken and mozz), the Pike’s Market (pesto and veggies) and the Gorge (turkey, bacon and Havarti, shown here). Owners Matt and Fred Haines say they came up with the truck idea in response to 33rd Street’s loyal fans, who were constantly asking them, “Where’s that damn Rainier?” For more info, go to or follow on Instagram @bistro33onthego.