The Beer Bowl


It’s the ultimate Super Bowl matchup: heaps of crowd-pleasing munchies and plenty of chilled brew to go around. We paired six popular game-day foods with locally crafted beers and hard ciders to help you devise a touchdown of a party menu. For a little fun, we recruited Del Rodgers—KCRA Channel 3’s charismatic sports anchor and a former NFL player (and Super Bowl champion, thank you very much)—to share his personal tasting notes with readers.


The Dish: Hot wings
The Drink: Fox Barrel Pear Cider (Colfax)
The Damage: $3.69/22 oz.
Del’s Tasting Notes:  Tastes like it looks: very clean, light and smooth. Great for a night out with the wife and neighbors, or for the nonfootball fan lucky enough to score a suite at the Super Bowl who wants something light to drink.



The Dish: Nachos
The Drink: Sudwerk Hefe Weizen (Davis)
The Damage: $8.49/six-pack
Del’s Tasting Notes:  Has the sweet taste of beer that made it hard for me not to take a second big gulp. There’s sipping whisky and then there’s sipping beer; this is sipping beer at its best.



The Dish: Meatball sub
The Drink: Blue Frog India Pale Ale (Fairfield)
The Damage: $3.99/22 oz.
Del’s Tasting Notes:  Strong, roasty, bold taste. Has a heavy flavor that keeps going. I would recommend this one only for tough guys and gals.



The Dish: Beef chili
The Drink: Two Rivers Dry English Hard Apple Cider (Sacramento)
The Damage: $11.99/750 ml
Del’s Tasting Notes: Has a fruity, floral smell with a Champagne taste and body. Very thin but even in flavor. Definitely something you would find in the owner’s box at the Super Bowl.



The Dish: Pepperoni pizza
The Drink: Rubicon India Pale Ale (Sacramento)
The Damage: $4.29/22 oz.
Del’s Tasting Notes: Unique taste with a pleasant after-bite that a real beer lover would love. If you keep your mouth open just long enough, you can hear your palate scream for more.



The Dish: Artichoke dip
The Drink: Two Rivers Pomegranate Cider (Sacramento)
The Damage: $4.99/22 oz.
Del’s Tasting Notes: Smooth and balanced texture. It’s right in the wheelhouse for a pre-kickoff-party starter.