Sweetbreads for the Sweet

hoffal day food competition
V. Miller Meat created this pork blood gel and lamb brains parfait. Photo by Ranch Llano Seco.

If you’re a fan of organ meats, chicken feet and other such culinary delicacies, mark your calendar for Aug. 21, the date of the aptly named Have an Offal Day food competition. Local chefs will put their tasty spin on ingredients such as brain, liver, kidney, spleen, pancreas, stomach, thymus, tripe, tongue and intestines. Yum, that’s good eating!

The list of participating chefs includes Jonathan Kerksieck (Cacio), Dane Blom (Grange), Chris Barnum Dann (Localis), Pedro Depina (7th Street Standard), Scott Macumber (Pangaea Bier Café) and Devon Pritchard (Camden Spit & Larder).

In past years, competitors have come up with stunning dishes such as tripe, chicken heart and lamb tongue broth soup; crispy squid and pig ears; and blood and lamb brain parfait with cherries. There’s no telling what will be on the menu this year.

The snout-to-tail event, which starts at 1 p.m., will be held at Food Literacy Center’s snazzy new digs at 401 McClatchy Way. Tickets are $65, with the majority of proceeds going to the center. Find tickets here.