Sweet Treats


Most of us say “no” to our sweet tooth so often that it never occurs to us to simply say “yes” once in a while. When it’s time to reward yourself (and that patient sweet tooth), check out these yummy treats.

Ciocolat Extraordinary Desserts

Cheesecake lovers need to make the trek to Davis’ Ciocolat bakery, located in a pretty little house across from Central Park. The kitchen’s cheesecake—simple and elegant—has a light graham cracker crust, a pleasingly tangy and slightly lemony flavor, and a lovely garnish of fresh berries. Versatile enough to be paired with a cup of hot tea or a flute of sparkling wine, this cheesecake is one of Ciocolat’s star attractions.
301 B St., Davis, (530) 753-3088; www.ciocolat.com

Classic Hot Chocolate
Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

Sure, you can make cocoa at home—who can’t?—but if you ever try Ginger Elizabeth’s version of hot chocolate, made from best-quality semi-sweet chocolate, you’ll never dip your spoon into that dried cocoa box again. Velvety, thick and just-sweet-enough, Ginger Elizabeth’s hot chocolate is a hedonistic sipping experience. Be sure to ask for a couple of the shop’s housemade marshmallows to float on top of your hot chocolate—you’ll marvel at their fluffy, dainty deliciousness.
1801 L St., Sacramento, (916) 706-1738; www.gingerelizabeth.com

Kiku Manju

A colorful array of manju, a traditional Japanese sweet, can be found at tiny little Osaka-Ya on 10th Street. Containing beans or bean paste, these palm-sized confections often have a flour-based, pastry-like exterior. The shop’s kiku manju, however, has a pounded sticky rice—or mochi—exterior, which encases the lima bean paste hidden inside. Delicately pink and gelatinously pleasing, the kiku manju can easily become an addictive indulgence.
2215 10th St., Sacramento, (916) 446-6857

Mud Pie on a Stick
Gunther’s Ice Cream

If you thought mud pie was decadent, wait until you try Gunther’s frozen, chocolate-covered version. A generous slice of the pie (composed of a crumbly, graham cracker crust, a thick layer of coffee ice cream and a topping of sticky dark fudge) is speared with a wooden stick, then plunged in melted chocolate and re-frozen. This divine pie-sickle is guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding of sweet tooths. Hint: It’s actually easier to eat the mud pie with a fork, but don’t tell the kids.
2801 Franklin Blvd., Sacramento, (916) 457-6646; www.gunthersicecream.com

Lime Cashew Tart
Tower Café

If you haven’t dined at Tower Café in a while, it’s time to revisit the kitchen’s dessert selection. The baked items are better than ever, and one of the standout goodies is the gorgeous lime cashew tart. A palate-cleansing, tart-sweet lime curd is cradled within a nubbly, cookie-like tart shell, whose subtle nuttiness melds beautifully with the citrusy burst of the curd. The tart is topped with a playful flourish of meringue, and the dessert is pretty enough to serve at your next dinner party.
1518 Broadway, Sacramento, (916) 441-0222; www.towercafe.com