Sippers and Boozesicles


Why should kids have all the fun? South restaurant has cornered the market on creative summer cocktails with two new products inspired by popular kiddie treats.

South Sippers are drinks pouches filled with an adult beverage—think Capri Sun for grownups. The $12 house-made cocktails come in three flavors: Hurricane (rum with passion fruit, grenadine and lime), Rude Boy (tequila with lime, triple sec and cranberry punch) and Peachy Keen (a bourbon-based peach punch).

Boozesicles are basically alcoholic Otter Pops. Also made in-house, the first batch of freezer pops came in two flavors—margarita and hibiscus lemon—and were sold in packs of six for $20. Upcoming flavors will feature blackberries, mulberries and elderflower.


The idea for South Sippers came about this spring when California’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control relaxed its regulations to temporarily allow curbside sales of beer, wine and cocktails. The folks at South were brainstorming cocktail ideas when co-owner N’Gina Guyton remembered how, as a young mom, she would mix vodka with fruit drink from one of her kids’ Capri Sun pouches. When South Sippers proved to be a hit with customers, she followed up with the boozy freezer pops.

Guyton has a third clever cocktail in mind, but she’s not revealing any details yet. “We keep all our concepts in the vault,” she says.