Sacramento’s Sexiest Cocktails


The tango is the dance of desire, so it’s little wonder Grange Restaurant & Bar would borrow the name for its sexy cocktail duo, Two to Tango. Each of these his-and-hers drinks—the Smoky Maple-Bacon Manhattan and the Mandarin Drop ($10 each)—can stand on its own, but they go down even better when sipped side by side with someone special. “The tastes are fresh and new, and they maintain the integrity of the concept of farm to table because they contain fresh, local ingredients,” says Troy Christian, general manager at Grange.      

Hers: Mandarin Drop
Charbay vanilla rum, fresh-squeezed mandarin juice and a Champagne float with a handmade Chambord marshmallow garnish

His: Smoky Maple-Bacon Manhattan
Grange private-blend Woodford bourbon and smoked maple bacon vermouth with a candied-bacon garnish