Sacramento's “Pasta Dave” at the Davis Farmers' Market


If you’re a Sacramento food aficionado, it’s likely that you’ve tried Dave Brochier’s pasta. Brochier, known by fans as “Pasta Dave,” launched his career at midtown’s lauded Mulvaney’s B&L before moving on to the now-defunct Tuli Bistro and then Land Park’s Taylor’s Market. On a recent visit to the Saturday Davis farmers’ market, I was surprised and delighted to see that Brochier now has his own booth, where he offers an array of his fresh, fabulous hand-crafted pastas to enthusiastic market-goers. After I selected two different styles to take home, Brochier gave me firm cooking instructions and suggested sauces and toppings that he felt would work best for each pasta. The next time you need fresh pasta for a recipe, make the drive to Taylor’s Market or the Saturday farmers’ market in Davis to seek out Pasta Dave’s products – they’re well worth the effort.