Review: Tako Korean BBQ


Let the F-bombs fly. “Fun fusion for frugal folks” is how I’d sum up the Tako Korean BBQ experience.

Oh, and one more F: It’s fast, too.

Owned by local business partners Alex Won and Yoon Hee Cho, Tako made a sizable splash when it opened this summer. People were intrigued not only by the clever merging of Korean and Mexican cuisines but by the cleverness of the building itself: a restored historic (circa 1930s) gas station at the corner of Alhambra Boulevard and T Street. It’s now a cool little spot with a hip urban vibe. Blue-and-white umbrellas dot the outdoor patio; inside, you’ll find just four tables, so it’s a little cramped, but cute. You order and pay at the counter, and food is delivered promptly—or at least it was during my single visit.

The small menu features tacos, burritos and rice bowls. Optional meats include bulgogi (Korean barbecued beef), short rib, spicy pork, chicken and fire chicken; there’s also tofu. Rounding out the menu are a kimchi quesadilla, bulgogi mini-burgers, and chips and salsa. And it’s cheap: The most expensive item, three tacos, runs $7.

My pal Jessika tried the rice bowl ($6) with spicy pork, a midsize concoction featuring rice, meat and shredded cabbage, all topped with a healthy smattering of grated cheese. The dish’s barbecue sauce straddled the fence between spicy and sweet and was quite sensational. The tacos were served street style, with two small stacked corn tortillas each; a slightly vinegary cabbage slaw added some zing. But the biggest surprise was the blueberry sauce (salsa?), ladled generously over all. (Purple sauce on a taco? That’s new.) The tofu was kind of blah, but the chicken was tasty and tender, though a little more meat would have been nice.

Tako Korean BBQ reflects the cultural melting pot that is Sacramento, offering fun global fare that is accessible, affordable and—yes—different.