On Their Feet


David Avender

The Golden Bear
Foot fetish: Rubber Birkenstock clogs
Why the shoe fits: “They’re comfortable and easy to clean. I switched from leather clogs to rubber because they’re cheaper.”


Rebecca Reichardt

Tazzina Bistro
Foot fetish: Black Dansko clogs with a closed heel
Why the shoe fits: “Tennis shoes are too slippery on greasy floors, and Birkenstock clogs are so wide I felt like a duck. These are the only shoes I’ll wear for kitchen work.”


Rick Mahan

The Waterboy, OneSpeed
Foot fetish: Flip-flops
Why the shoe fits: “I don’t wear them when I’m cooking the hot stuff—only when I’m walking around ordering, doing prep, stuff like that. I don’t let anyone else wear ’em.”


Clay Purcell

Tower Bridge Bistro
Foot fetish: Shoes For Crews in a variety of styles, including clogs and boots
Why the shoe fits: “The sole is what it’s all about. They’ve got incredible traction ability. You could literally step into a pool of deep-fried oil and never slip.”



Jonathan Clemons

Capitol Garage
Foot fetish: Crocs—the originals, with holes
Why the shoe fits: “My feet used to hurt really bad before I started wearing Crocs. They have a lot of ventilation, they’re nonskid, and they wash and wear easily. Plus, they’re pretty cheap—about $20 a pair.”


Wendi Mentink

Bidwell Street Bistro
Foot fetish: Leather Dansko clogs in basic black
Why the shoe fits: “My feet feel great, and I think they’re cute. I can’t imagine wearing anything else. I’m kind of a creature of habit.”