Omakase Pop-Up Dinners Come to Sac

Photoss from @thepastrycat916 Instagram
omakase style pop up

San Francisco sushi chef Tim Wong recently began holding omakase-style pop-ups in Sacramento.

Operating under the name Tsuru Group, Wong and several friends held their first multicourse tasting-menu dinner earlier this month at Taiko Sushi in Carmichael. The 16-course dinner featured Japanese small dishes and sushi—and lots of uni. The first course—charcoal-grilled milk bread toast topped with King salmon tartare and salmon eggs marinated in truffle honey dashi—was “pretty intense,” said Wong. Other courses included cold somen noodles with Shaoxing-marinated spot prawns and Santa Barbara uni, and black cod tempura with a tempura’d squash blossom and a sushi rice ball that diners dropped into the dipping sauce to make their own risotto at the table.

The next dinner, on Aug. 7, will be a yakitori omakase, featuring izakaya-style grilled meat skewers. It is already sold out. The cost for the dinners is $150 per person, not including alcohol.

omakase pop up

Wong, who has been a sushi chef for almost two decades, used to work in Sacramento, and he’s planning to move back to the capital city in a few months. He’ll host pop-ups while doing research for a new business. In addition to his omakase dinners, Wong sells Basque burnt cheesecakes through his Instagram account, @kekisf. He plans to serve Basque cheesecake at the August pop-up dinner.

Wong doesn’t have a mailing list or dedicated Instagram for his pop-ups. “Right now, it’s word of mouth,” he said. You can find information about the dinners on his personal Instagram page, @fishichef.