New Restaurant: Midtown Spirits

A crazy year of pandemic didn’t stop these newcomers from opening their doors.
midtown spirits

Bringing a distillery back to Sacramento’s central city was a long time coming—there hadn’t been one in the city limits since Prohibition until Jason Poole and Dave Abrahamsen opened Midtown Spirits last November. But the business partners went one step further by including a lively eatery on the premises of their new venture. The casual bar and restaurant boasts a covered street-side deck and an interior that gets its industrial aesthetic from the shiny labyrinth of distilling equipment on display. The food menu is designed to complement the ample cocktail list, which leans heavily on the rice-based vodka and gin that Midtown Spirits is known for. On offer are fancy deviled eggs, a charcuterie board and an assortment of hot dogs, sandwiches and fries dressed up with fixings both familiar and unusual. The hearty brunch fare is built to carry you through till dinner. Look for even more inventive dishes from the kitchen as Midtown Spirits settles in.

brunch at midtown spirits

Midtown Spirits

1717 19th St.;
(916) 243-6991;