Meet the Bloggers


The Blog:
The Blogger: Ally Gaffan 36, midtown
Day Job: Insurance claims examiner
Food/Writing Credentials: “None—just a love of food and the written word.”
The Twist: A penchant for Japanese cuisine. (Her mom is Japanese.) 
What She Says About It: “I think my readers appreciate that I’m just your everyday girl. I’m just as nervous as they are when trying out new recipes, and I’m straightforward and honest in my restaurant reviews.”


The Blog:
The Blogger: Sarah Singleton 42, Hollywood Park
Day Job: Social worker
Food/Writing Credentials: Worked in restaurant kitchens; took culinary classes at American River College.
The Twist: It’s not all about food; it’s also about life—everything from car crashes to kids and husbands.
What She Says About It: “I think what makes my blog unique is that it’s my voice. I’m not trying to be a writer—it’s just me talking to a bunch of my friends.”


The Blog:
The Blogger: Amber Stott 33, East Sacramento
Day Job: Director of development and community relations, WEAVE
Food/Writing Credentials: Grew up in the rural Midwest, “where most women know how to cook—you learn it from the women in your life.”
The Twist: It’s all about healthful, conscientious eating—or, as she puts it, “living la vida locavore.”
What She Says About It: “It embraces the practical side of this lifestyle—it’s geared toward busy people who want to make a difference with their diet.”


The Blog:
The Blogger: Charlotte King 28, midtown
Day Job: Legislative advocate
Food/Writing Credentials: Food science and wine classes at UC Davis; worked at Selland’s Market Cafe, Temple Coffee and David Berkley.
The Twist: Not a recipe blog, it’s about living large and embracing the culinary scene.
What She Says About It: “Sacramento is becoming an incredible culinary town if you just know where to look. My blog is focused on identifying those great eats, discovering the new and exciting, and telling others about it.”