Local Chef Goes ‘Wild’

chefs vs. wild on hulu
Image from Chef Kevin O'Connor's Instagram

Sacramento chef Kevin O’Connor will appear as a contestant in a new Hulu streaming series called “Chefs vs. Wild” premiering this month. Billed as “a cooking competition on the wilder side,” the show drops two-person teams—each with a chef and a survivalist—into the wilderness to hunt, fish and forage for ingredients, then turn them into a restaurant-worthy five-star meal. Two judges—a wild foods expert and a chef/adventurer—will critique the food and crown a winner. It’s “Top Chef” meets “Survivor.”

As the trailer makes clear, nothing is off the table: Lizards, bugs, wild mushrooms and more are used as ingredients. During the competition, the contestants also have to feed themselves, make shelter and contend with the harsh elements.

The eight-episode series starts Sept. 26 and ends with the finale on Oct. 17. Here’s a look at the trailer.