La Bonne Soupe Café: Don't Forget Your Watch


Last week a friend and I had a hankering for soup and sandwiches at downtown’s famed La Bonne Soupe Café. Fans of this charming little establishment know to carve out lots of extra time for waiting in line when visiting, but I figured if I arrived at 11am I might just move through the line, lickety-split. I was wrong.

At 11am sharp, I shoved my way through the front door as folks already in line jostled graciously to accommodate me. I then proceeded to wait for almost 25 minutes until I shuffled to the front and gave owner/chef Daniel Pont our order. Methodically and quietly, Pont assembled our lunch and then totaled it up at the cash register. I am always fascinated that – no matter how many people are waiting in line – Pont (who works solo) moves at an unhurried pace, fully absorbed in his tasks, exuding an admirable unflappability.

We were lucky enough to score a teeny-tiny table crammed up against the front window. I then set about devouring my fabulous smoked duck sandwich, nestled on a warm, crusty roll; and a bowl of Pont’s signature creamy, flavor-packed mushroom soup. Simple and superb, it was just what I wanted – and absolutely worth the wait.

920 8th Street, Sacramento, (916) 492-9506