Introducing Luna’s Flame & Grill

luna's flame and grill

new familyrun business has hit the Sacramento area—on wheels.

Luna’s Flame & Grill opened on Nov. 1, in the middle of the pandemic. With many restaurants closed or limited to carry-out, they have thrived with the ability to serve at various locations.

“COVID changed our plans from the beginning,” says Alex Luna. We were looking for a spot to open a restaurant but when we found a location, everything shut down. We all temporarily lost our jobs due to COVID and were in bit of a panic. However, with patience and diligence, we went from almost leasing a spot to owning our own kitchen on wheels.’”

Each member of the Luna family has had a longtime desire to open their own restaurant. Siblings Alex and Yadira Luna have several years of experience cooking, serving and managing a restaurant (most recently at Evan’s Kitchen). Their fatherAlejo, spent nearly 35 years of experience cooking for Bandera, Scott’s Seafood on the River, Cheesecake Factory and Marie Callenders, and managed and opened many other restaurants in the past. The team is rounded by youngest sister Kristina, and their motherVelia Tepox, who brings accounting experience.

luna's flame and grill

“It’s fun working with family. It took a couple weeks to adjust working with everyone, but I do have to say, we have had some good times since we’ve been open. It has made us closer now that we work together.”

Their menu is a blend of Mexican and American dishestacos, tortas, burgers, carne asada fries and much more.

Their specialty? Pot roast tacos, a family favorite dish from when they were young. “Yadi and I looked forward to eating them every time Dad made some,” says Alex. So we decided to bring a little bit of our childhood with our own twist.”

Another item to look for from the end of March to October is the Cemitas Poblanas, similar to a torta but with specially made bread, sweetened chipotle chiles and papalo (which is what makes the cemita).

“Papalo is a green herb similar to cilantro that is raised mainly in Mexico and South America,” says Alex. This dish is very popular in Puebla, where my mom is from.

With two locations and private events already booked, the Luna family is looking to open a second food truck with the hopes of expanding their reach to different cities.

You can follow Luna’s Instagram for updates and photos. Meanwhile, here’s the set schedule:

MondayFriday 9 a..m2 p.m.—4400 Raley Blvd.

TuesdaySunday 3:30 p.m.–9 p.m.—2107 Fulton Ave.

Friday and Saturday, Luna’s closes at 10 p.m.