Happy at Hoppy


Since the holidays give us permission to eat and drink things we might feel guilty about consuming the rest of the year, I take full advantage of the season. The other night, while dining at Hoppy Brewing Company, I happily ordered the brewpub’s fabulous beer sampler, which includes a three-ounce taste of all the beers on tap. I giggled greedily as the sampler was delivered, then noticed that my children’s eyes had grown wide. “Why are you staring at me?” I asked, reaching for the shotglass full of Hoppy’s Liquid Sunshine™ Blonde Ale. “Mommy, are you going to drink all that beer?” my 8-year old asked, a shocked tone in her voice. “Honey, Mommy’s just going to try them,” said my husband, “she’s not going to finish them all.” I cast him a warning glance, then took a thirsty sip of the Liquid Sunshine, savoring its citrusy, refreshing flavors. With my family watching in fascination, I worked my way through the sampler, thoroughly enjoying each beer’s distinctive qualities. To my daughter’s relief, I didn’t drink all the beer, though I was tempted to. It was a satisfying, delightful holiday indulgence.