Good News for Meat Lovers


Mark Liberman is a wizard with pork, a magician with lamb, and a dark lord of beef bits. He’s a butcher of great skill and a chef of creative intensity. He entertained Sacramentans last summer with a series of dinners and butchery classes around town, and was the bell of the ball at the State Fair’s Grape & Gourmet event with his incredible samples of charcuterie.

It is, therefore, with great joy that I read Mark’s e-mail message letting me know that he’s working to open in Sacramento “a hip, chic meat driven restaurant with an upscale butcher shop, ham tastings, daily changing menu and, of course, kick-ass cocktails and libations.”

On my wish list of potential eateries, a butcher shop/restaurant falls behind only a potential gourmet doughnut shop. You can bet that I’ll be keeping track of Mark’s progress and salivating proportionately as his opening date gets closer.

You can track his progress at