Going to Extremes


Why anyone would want to eat duck heart or goat tongue is hard to fathom. Is it for the culinary thrill, or do people actually like this stuff? To find out, we picked the brains of a few local extreme foodies.                                     

As an Air Force brat, Diane Marconi spent her formative years in Japan, Turkey, Greece and Germany. “I grew up eating chicken feet, pork snouts, eyeballs, tongue, brains and innards,” says Marconi, who enjoys chowing down on goat at Sacramento’s Supper Club. The wildest thing she’s ever tried? Cooked beetles, which she describes as “pretty crunchy, very high protein, nutty and chewy.”

Derrell Roberts comes from New Orleans, where he grew up eating pickled pig lips. “It’s a Southern delicacy,” says Roberts, who buys pig lips in his own North Sac neighborhood, 20 to a jar.

“If you’re going to slaughter an animal, the responsible thing is to utilize as much of it as you can,” reasons Brian Guido. He frequents Mulvaney’s Building & Loan, where he’s tried everything from fried duck giblets to pig’s testicles.